Taiga Biotechnologies, Inc.'s technology is centered around boosting the immune system to better fight disease



TBX-4000 is a platform technology where its exposure to different cell types provides a wide range of therapeutic benefits.


When TBX-4000 is applied to white blood cells, it is called TBX-3400 and underlies our immunotherapy applications that focus on solid tumors and infectious disease.  When TBX-4000 is applied to bone marrow stem cells, it is called TBX-2400 and drives our bone marrow program.


In addition, preclinical development is ongoing with TBX-4000 for when it is applied to red blood cells and incubated with bone marrow stem cells. 

Taiga has developed a protein, TBX-4000, which is a fusion between the MYC protein and the Trans-Activator Transcription (TAT) protein. The fusion of these two proteins enables TBX-4000 to bypass the receptors on the surface of the cell and directly enter the cell to promote cell survival and proliferation.

TBX-4000 is unique because it:

  • enters the cell and modifies the cell directly, NOT the receptor protein on the surface of the cell

  • is a fusion of natural proteins and does NOT use chemicals or genetic engineering

  • is disease agnostic and does NOT require a specific target


Improving Your Immune System

For healthy immune systems, our immunotherapy programs temporarily boost the immune system so that it functions better to fight both solid tumors and infectious disease.

Our lead Cell-Based Immunotherapy product candidate, TBX-3400, is an autologous cell product made from peripheral blood mononuclear cells that are treated ex vivo with our TBX-4000 protein and then delivered intravenously back to the patient.

We are currently testing TBX-3400 in clinical trials for solid tumors and infectious disease indications.


Advantages of TBX-3400


  • Autologous product

  • No genetic modification

  • Low dose level


  • 4-hour processing

  • Automated, enclosed system

  • No expansion of cells

  • Lower cost


  • Disease agnostic

  • Outpatient procedure

  • Cryopreserved for future treatments

Learn more about TBX-3400's Clinical Development


Replacing Your Immune System

For compromised immune systems, our bone marrow engraftment enhancer program generates a new, healthy immune system.

Taiga is developing a first-line product, TBX-2400, to enhance the engraftment of bone marrow stem cells during an allogeneic hematopoietic stem cells transplant (HSCT).


Advantages of TBX-2400


  • Minimal conditioning of patient

  • Less matching 

  • Fewer cells are needed


  • 4-hour processing

  • Automated, enclosed system

  • No expansion of cells

  • No genetic modification


  • Increased rate of engraftment

  • Faster immune reconstitution

  • Less immunosuppressant drugs

Learn more about TBX-2400's Clinical Development